"But I don't have any more comment on this because they have already made a decision and had they consulted us earlier we would have given our opinion," he added.

Hathurasingha mentioned that his team would have appreciated having a reserve day. He expressed his dissatisfaction with the decision.

"It is not ideal, and we also would have liked to have an extra day," he added.

The Impact on Teams

Silverwood, on the other hand, also expressed his surprise upon hearing about the decision to add a reserve day for the India-Pakistan match. He emphasized that the teams do not organize the competition, so they cannot influence such decisions. 

"Yeah! Look, obviously, I was a little surprised when I heard it first. But we don't organise the competition, so we can't do a whole lot about it, right?" said Silverwood.

However, he raised concerns about the reserve day potentially providing an unfair advantage to either India or Pakistan if they secure points on that day, impacting the overall tournament standings.

 "To be honest, I see it only becoming a problem if it provides points to the teams, and affects us," said Silverwood.

 As the Asia Cup progresses, teams will closely monitor the implications of this decision on the tournament's outcome and their own standings.