Not just limited to political figures, Congress leader Sonia Gandhi also conveyed her support to the team. 

In a video message, she commended the team's stellar performance throughout the tournament, acknowledging their consistent efforts in bringing glory to the nation. "Dear Team India, I would like to first begin by congratulating you for your incredible performance and excellent teamwork during this World Cup," she expressed.

Expressing confidence in their capabilities, Sonia Gandhi rallied behind the team, stating, "You have what it takes to be world champions. Good luck team India. Jai Hind," encapsulating the collective sentiments of the country in anticipation of a victorious finale. 

The support pouring in from across the spectrum reflects the unifying power of sports in India, transcending barriers of gender, region, language, religion, and class.

Check out how prominent personalities wished Team India before the World Cup final:

Cover image: BCCI