"I saw another video where Shakib did not bring his guard against Sri Lanka and he was allowed to bring it later. It has almost become warfare between these two countries," he added. 

Mathews' Upset and Ashwin's Insight on Timed-Out Dismissals

Mathews, understandably, expressed strong dissatisfaction with being declared out in that manner. According to Ashwin, nobody should have to face such a dismissal, and the sentiment of disappointment is justified.

"Actually with timed-out, yes Shakib appealed and the umpire gave it out, agreed. Recently, there has been information that Mathews was already warned by the umpires about the timed-out dismissal. But Mathews was really upset that he got out, and rightly so. No one should get out like that, everyone will feel bad about that," Ashwin said.

Addressing Mathews' evident disappointment, Ashwin acknowledged that while Shakib appealed within the rules, the affected party was undoubtedly the player who had to walk off the field. 

"Both Angelo Mathews and Shakib Al Hasan were right. One person knew the rule and the other person asked if he could let it go since it was a helmet malfunction. The affected party is certainly the one who got out," Ashwin concluded.

As the cricketing world reflects on the Angelo Mathews timed-out controversy, the debate between adherence to rules and the spirit of cricket continues.