"There is a match against the Netherlands which might be inconsequential because India is only now number one. But they don't want to stumble anywhere once it comes to the knock-out stages,” he added.

Winning Rhythm and the Knockout Stages

Gavaskar further highlighted the importance of maintaining a winning rhythm and mentality as they progress towards the knockout stages. The mindset changes as the tournament progresses, and the knockout stage leaves no room for errors. 

“The whole temperament, your whole mental attitude towards the match will change because in the group stage you always think, Oh, there's another match to come," 

"But there is no next day if you have a bad day in the in the knockouts. So you want to get into that winning rhythm. You want to get into that winning mentality, and that's what the Indian team is doing,” Gavaskar added.

With their sights set on the World Cup, India doesn't plan to ease off the gas pedal. The upcoming match against the Netherlands may seem inconsequential in terms of points, but it's another opportunity for India to fine-tune their winning rhythm and mentality as they approach the crucial knockout stages.