He highlighted the uniqueness of bowlers like Bumrah, Shami, Siraj, Jadeja, and the improved Kuldeep.

"You have Bumrah who is a freak, you have Shami who is a master when it comes to seam position and then Siraj, who is feisty, can get under your skin and is a slippery character. You also have Jadeja, who is at the peak of his prowess and Kuldeep, who has improved leaps and bounds,” Shastri added.

Rohit Sharma's Leadership Skills

Shastri didn't limit his praise to the bowlers alone; he also commended Rohit Sharma's captaincy. Recognizing Sharma's ability to lead with discipline and proactiveness, Shastri stated that the captain has marshaled his resources exceptionally well. 

Rohit Sharma's assertive approach and intolerance for flashy play have contributed to India's unbeaten run in the group stage.

“These guys have the experience but Rohit will take no nonsense. If they try to be flashy, Rohit will be at their ears straightaway. So you know where all the discipline comes from," said Shastri.

"He has marshalled his resources extremely well. He has been an outstanding captain in this World Cup. He has been extremely proactive,” he said.

High Expectations for World Cup Glory

Looking ahead, Shastri expressed optimism about India's chances in the current World Cup. He suggested that the experienced players, coupled with Rohit Sharma's leadership, make India a formidable force. 

Shastri cautioned that missing the trophy this time might mean a three-World Cup wait for India, given the peak form of the current pool of players.

“If they miss out this time, they would probably have to wait another three World Cups for even thinking of trying to win it. The pool of players is such the 7-8 players are at their peak. This could well be their last World Cup. The way they are playing, given the conditions, they have got the team to win it,” said Shastri.

With India set to face the Netherlands in their final group-stage match, the focus shifts to the upcoming semi-final against New Zealand on November 15.

 India, aiming for its third World Cup title and second on home soil, carries high expectations into the knockout stage under the exceptional leadership of Rohit Sharma.