“At that point, I sent a message to Nafees stating that I want him to lead the side in this series and later we can sit and discuss what can be done. A legendary cricketer like him should not take hasty and emotional decision and he is very important for the team.

"As I have sent a message I have to wait and see if he replies. I am hoping that we can sort out the matter. It does not look good if one captain retires at the midst of the tournament and it is even not right. We want to give a good farewell but even after that if they don't want it, what can we do. To me he is the ODI skipper and it remains that way till now," the BCB President added.

The BCB president was shocked after learning about Tamim's decision

In a surprising turn of events, the President of the Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) disclosed his astonishment at Tamim's unexpected announcement. The BCB President further revealed that just days prior, Tamim had informed him of his intentions to continue playing until the Champions Trophy next year.

"The reason why we sat today is that suddenly we have seen that Tamim announced in the media that he retired. It was totally unexpected for us because we have had regular communication... and because he was the ODI skipper, even three days back we spoke with him about the squad and even today I have spoken with him," Nazmul said.

"I did not have any clue that this kind of decision can come. I have spoken with him personally about his future and he said that he will play till the next Champions Trophy and later he spoke about World Cup captaincy with Jalal bhai (BCB cricket operation chairman) and I told him that he is the captain. 

"As the World Cup is close there were no talks about change of captaincy and from a player like him when such things (announcement of sudden retirement) come it is very unfortunate.”

During an emotional moment on Thursday, Tamim made a heartfelt announcement about his retirement from international cricket. While he did not disclose the specific reasons behind this sudden decision, he expressed that he had dedicated himself entirely to the game and now feels he has nothing more to contribute.

"This is the end for me. I have given my best. I have tried my best. I am retiring from international cricket from this moment. I want to thank all my teammates, coaches, BCB officials, my family members, and those who have been with me through my long journey," he said.

“Yesterday against Afghanistan was my last international game. It was not a sudden decision. I was thinking about the different reasons. I don't want to mention here. I have spoken to my family members about it. I thought this is the right time for me to retire from international cricket.”