"To get a wicket is really hard here. It's very hot with the sun, and there was not a lot of life in the pitch, so we had to work very hard. Because of our batters' talents, we were able to have a massive first-innings lead. That was very advantageous for our bowlers.

"To have a series like this where the fast bowlers win for us is a big morale boost for the team. There are areas in which we have to improve, and we will touch those up. But we will fix these and as that tour gets close, we'll be 100% ready. We're very satisfied with the win. There are many areas for us to improve, and I've talked about those with the team and the coaches are working towards that. If we can learn day by day and raise our game by 1%, we can make winning a habit."

Dhananjaya also highlighted that there's no animosity between Sri Lanka and Bangladesh after the timed-out incident involving Angelo Mathews.

"I don't think so. There's no rivalry. It's just a match between two nations. The game should be with the spirit, and should play hard. It happens in every match, not just against Bangladesh," he concluded.