Handling Criticism and Advice

Responding to varying opinions, Babar Azam maintained a diplomatic stance. He recognized the diversity of viewpoints surrounding his captaincy but remained unperturbed. 

He encouraged constructive advice, offering a direct line of communication for those willing to share insights. He also emphasized the ease of offering opinions from the sidelines and extended an invitation for advice through personal messaging.

“It depends how you take such a thing. Everyone has their own point of view, their own way of thinking. Everyone is saying something different. He should be like this, or like that. If someone has to give me advice, everyone has my number. It is easy to give advice on TV. If you want to give me some advice, you can message me,” said Babar.

Amid rumors about potential decisions from the cricket board, Babar Azam displayed resilience, asserting his focus on the upcoming matches rather than dwelling on uncertain outcomes. 

"I don't think I was under any pressure or felt any different because of this. I try to give my best in the field during the fielding. During batting, I think about how I should make runs and make the team win," said Babar.

Future Uncertainty

The uncertainty surrounding Babar's captaincy remains a topic of speculation, with hints from the cricket board suggesting a possible change. Babar, however, deflected direct responses, emphasizing that decisions would be evaluated post-tournament. 

His concentration lies on the immediate challenge, steering clear of distractions that may impact his leadership

 “I have no idea what decisions you are talking about. The decisions we make here, regarding selections of players - are the decision of the coaches and the captain. We go with the best combination of conditions and situations. Sometimes we have succeeded and sometimes we haven't,”

"About the captaincy - as I said, once we go back to Pakistan or after this match, we will see what happens. But right now, I am not focusing on this, my focus is on the next match," he said.

As the tournament unfolds, the fate of Babar's captaincy hangs in the balance, awaiting the conclusion that will shape Pakistan's cricketing future.