"Why should they get into this? Might as well stay at home and allow someone to work on the cricket part. I don't agree with that. No one talks about it. Have you ever seen a single cricketer talk about this rule change? No. Why? They don't want to miss the buck. Simple as that."

The Former Sri Lankan captain has voiced a strong criticism against the ICC

Ranatunga, who is approaching his 60th birthday, did not hold back in his criticism of the International Cricket Council (ICC), describing it as a toothless body that fails to protect the interests of international cricket and its players.

"I don't know whether the ICC is acting today or whether we have ICC. They always say ICC is the toothless striker. They act in a very unprofessional way," Ranatunga asserted.

Ranatunga led Sri Lanka to a World Cup victory in 1996

He emphasized the need for the ICC to take a more active role in safeguarding cricket's integrity and ensuring that it remains under the control of the international governing body rather than individual cricket boards.

Ranatunga drew attention to recent rule changes during the Asia Cup, such as the addition of a reserve day for the Super 4s tie between India and Pakistan, as evidence of the need for greater oversight by cricket governing bodies.

"You have rules before the tournament, but before that one game (India vs. Pakistan), they changed the rules. So where is ACC? Where is ICC?" questioned Ranatunga, highlighting the importance of consistent regulation and governance in the sport.

Arjuna Ranatunga's outspoken remarks shed light on the challenges and concerns faced by cricket's former stars and enthusiasts alike as they observe the evolving landscape of the sport they hold dear. His call for greater accountability and transparency in cricket governance resonates with many who cherish the integrity and fairness of the game.

Source: The Hindu

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