Despite a recent setback where Glenn Maxwell's stellar performance led to Australia's victory, Shahidi remains optimistic about their upcoming match against South Africa. 

Reflecting on the challenging situation, Shahidi said, “It was not easy as a team for all of us. But still, we are in the World Cup, and as a team, we discussed it yesterday that we have to now move forward and not think too much about what happened.”

Shahidi stressed the significance of maintaining team morale and focusing on the future, learning from past experiences. “Because if you think about it, the team’s morale will go down. We will learn from it, and now it’s part of the history, it’s gone. We have to move forward and think about tomorrow’s game, and we will try as a team to come back stronger and win it from there…”

In conclusion, Afghanistan's stellar performance in the World Cup has not only marked a significant achievement for the team but has also ignited a call for increased opportunities in ODIs. 

Captain Shahidi's appeal to the cricket authorities is a testament to Afghanistan's determination to continue making strides in international cricket, and with the right support, they are poised for even greater success in the future.