Former England captain Joe Root hasn’t been able to participate in the Indian Premier League (IPL) due to national commitments over the years, but this time he is free from the captaincy burden and 31-year-old has enrolled himself for the upcoming IPL 2023 mini-auction which is scheduled to take place on December 23 in Kochi.

Root, who has played 32 T20I matches for England since making his debut in 2012, has shown interest in the cash-rich tournament only second time in his career. Back in 2018, he was featured in the auction list but could find a buyer. He hopes sighter of Indian conditions in IPL could help 50-over World Cup plans

While speaking on his Youtube Channel, Indian ace spinner Ravichandran Ashwin calls this move from Root very professional and says franchises will be looking to welcome him considering the utility he brings with himself in bowling as well, “We always treat our guests really well. He is absolutely willing to come and play. We should only welcome him. He is a legendary cricketer already and is a part of Fab-Four as well. Williamson, Smith and Kohli have played in the IPL. Let Root also play. He can bowl decent off-spin as well. He will be really useful for many franchises with his T20 cricket. He himself has said that his experience will be really useful.” Ashwin said.

Ashwin further says that experience of playing in conditions always helps the players and England players are professional to adopt this strategy like it helped them in recently concluded World Cup,” Actually, it’s a professional world. In the recently concluded T20 World Cup, we took a look at the England players. Most England players have had plenty of experience playing the Big Bash League in Australia which helped them. Joe Root decides to put his name in the IPL auctions. His mind voice was like, ‘I wanna know what’s the hype around the IPL because everyone around me, say, Hales, Billings and even Buttler keep hyping up IPL like anything. So, I wanna try it out this year.’”

Earlier this week, Speaking to the Mail on Sunday, Root confirmed that he has no plans to retire from limited-overs cricket anytime soon and seriously considering putting his name forward in the IPL auction, “I would certainly debate going into the IPL draw quite seriously and hope to get exposure in that tournament. It would be great to get involved in the continuous enormity of each game and how much it means.”

“I have no thoughts or feelings of retirement or slowing down or playing fewer formats. If anything, I feel a little bit more freedom with my time. I always used to get rested for the T20s and I feel like I got alienated from the format because I had not played enough of it. You can feel like you are getting left behind a little bit. Now, the next couple of years, might be a good time to explore playing a little bit more of that format and see how far I can take that side of my game,” Root added.

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