Everyone in the cricketing world is aware of the legendary Wasim Akram’s special bond with the Pakistan’s former Prime Minister Imran Khan. The two shared a fantastic relationship both on and off the field. On the field, they have given their fans lot of memories of being involved in stunning new ball partnerships and off the field they have given their fans major friendship goals. They were teammates for many years and spent countless days with each other and had countless amazing stories about each other.

The former left-arm veteran fast bowler often narrates hilarious incidents about PM Khan whenever he appears on any show. In an interaction on The Grade Cricketer YouTube channel, Wasim Akram recalled a hilarious incident where his idol Imran Khan ordered a pint of milk in a nightclub because he never have a drink in his life. That incident that took place while they were in a London nightclub.

“For me, it (partying) was fun. I was young and Imran said, ‘let’s go to a nightclub’. He called me in my room. I said, ‘yes skipper, I am ready’. We went to a nightclub in King’s Cross (London). He walked in and people recognized (him).”He ordered a pint of milk because he never drank in his life. They got him milk in a nightclub! There was a queue of only girls to shake hands with Imran. I just said, ‘that’s awesome’.” Akram recalled.

Akram reminisced an another humorous incident from Pakistan’s tour to West Indies in 1988 when on an off day, he was on trip with Imran and Ijaz Ahmed, “There was a Test match in Guyana in 1988. Those days there was a rest day. He (Imran) told me and Ijaz (Ahmed), we were going on a trip. One of his friends, she had her own plane. We sat on a private plane and reached a deserted island, owned by her dad. They went into chat into the house. Me and Ijaz just looked at each other – what should we do now? We can’t even go back to the hotel. Some workers took us on a boat. We came back after 7-8 hours. Imran was ready to go,” a smiling Akram added.

Going down the memory lane, Akram shared one more funny incident when his senior players from the team pulled his leg during his maiden trip on a flight when he knew nothing about flights and seniors told him that expenses for food has to be paid in flight.

“After Lahore, the next phase of our cricket camp was in Karachi. My dad bought me a plane ticket. On that plane, Ramiz Raja and a couple of other first-class cricketers were there. They taught me how to wear a belt. They also said that when the food comes you have to pay. I literally asked the air hostess – how much money? She said – no it’s free.”, Akram told.

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