There are many voices among Indian cricket fans and experts who believe it is high time that the Indian cricket should change their traditional approaches to play T20 cricket and need to come up with split coaching in different formats which also increases the longevity of the coaches.

Indian Team is among the busiest teams in the world cricket and have to have to endure a grueling season throughout the calendar year which causes a lot of pressure on a single coach mentoring the team across all three formats of the game.

The former Indian spinner Harbhajan Singh said different coaches for different formats is the need of the hour of World cricket and it is the way forward for Indian cricket as well. Speaking on the sidelines in Abu Dhabi T10 League where he will be seen in action for the Delhi Bulls, he said to PTI that someone who has played the game more recently is better suited for the coaching job in T20s and put his faith on his former teammate Ashish Nehra to pick up this role.

“In T20 format, you can have someone like Ashish Nehra who recently retired from the game. He knows this better than – with all due respect to Rahul. They [Dravid and Nehra] have played together for so many years. He has vast knowledge, but this is a tricky format. Someone who has played the game more recently is better suited for the coaching job in T20s. I am not saying you remove Rahul from T20. Ashish and Rahul can work together to build this team for the 2024 World Cup.”

Harbhajan also mentioned with this initiative, it will be easy for the coaches to take necessary breaks and spend time with family which is difficult because of always traveling with the team due to the tight schedule.

“With such an arrangement [split coaching], it is easy for Rahul as well, who can take a break as well ,like he did for New Zealand tour and Ashish can do the job in his absence,” he said.

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