England will be locking horns with a formidable Pakistan line-up in the Final clash of the T20 World Cup at the iconic Melbourne Cricket Ground on Sunday, November 13. While speaking at a press conference on the eve of their title clash against Pakistan, Jos Buttler who will lead England, said that he used to dream about captaining England to cricketing glory in his childhood and used to do the kind of things in the garden with his brother and sister, pretending to lift a trophy. He talked on various other things as well leading to the title clash.

On the Pakistan pace attack and the form that they have been in their run into this final : “Yeah, obviously Pakistan are a fantastic team. I think they have a very long history of producing excellent fast bowlers, and I see the team that we’re up against as no different,” Buttler said.

“I’m sure by the end of their careers, some of the guys who we’ll play against will go down as some of the best bowlers Pakistan have produced. That’s a huge part of why they get to a World Cup final,”

“We expect a really tough challenge, as mentioned before. They’re a team we’ve seen lots of in the recent past, and we’ve had some brilliant matches against them, played in a fantastic spirit, and I’m sure tomorrow will be no different,” he added.

On the weather and learnings from Ireland match in a similar forecast : “The Ireland match is a big disappointment for us as a team throughout this tournament, but certainly feels a long time ago now. Being able to sit in this position on the eve of the World Cup final, I think we will have learnt quite a few lessons throughout that game and actually the lead-up into the game. The weather around Melbourne sort of was dominating the whole tournament at that stage and was sort of definitely a distraction at times. But certainly the game we got into against them, we know the areas we were short. That definitely hurt us. I think we’ve seen a reaction to that game in the rest of the cricket we’ve played so far,” Buttler said.

Fitness updates of Malan and Wood : “They’re both improving. Of course it’s not too many days since not being fit enough for the semi-final, but again, we’ll give them every chance possible,” Buttler told.

Environment in the dressing room : “Naturally there’s huge excitement for the match. Anytime you get a chance to play in a World Cup final is a huge honour. We’re really excited as a group. There seems a nice feel around the team. Naturally the previous performance gives us lots of confidence, but it doesn’t count for anything tomorrow. We start a fresh game against a really tough opposition, and anytime you’re fighting for a trophy, you know that it’s not going to come easy,” Buttler reckoned.

Experience of playing T20 series against Pakistan very recently : “Yeah, we’ve played against them a lot recently, but of course in very different conditions. I think that’s probably the main factor about even though we’ve played each other quite a few games here at Melbourne, it’s going to be a different game to the series, obviously, in Pakistan,”

We know we’re up against an excellent team. That’s exactly what you expect in a World Cup final, and we’ll focus on them a little bit and focus on us a lot and what we need to do to prepare well today to turn up tomorrow and give the best account of ourselves,” Buttler added.

Feelings of lifting World Cup as the team’s Captain : “Yeah, I’ve certainly had a few dreams about that kind of thing, and of course I think it really links back to what you were like as a kid really, the kind of things you would be doing in the garden with your brother and sister, pretending to lift a trophy and that kind of thing, and now to be able to have the opportunity to have a chance to live that kind of thing out is incredibly special,”

“I think it’s fine to sort of think about those things and sort of what it might feel like or what it would mean. They’re certainly feelings I don’t feel like I need to try and block out or push away. You almost accept those kind of things as like accepting the noise that comes with a World Cup final, accepting that it feels a little bit different. Again, the room is fuller than it has been for any other game, obviously. Don’t need to try and push it away and say it’s no different tomorrow. Of course it is,”

“But once you’ve accepted those things, again, it’s about focusing on the things that you know will serve us well as a group and as a team, as an individual what you need to do to prepare to play your best game of cricket tomorrow,”Buttler said.

How winning a cup can lead the way to inspire other sports in England : “Yeah, I certainly hope so. Sport is such a huge part of English culture, and getting behind teams in World Cups is certainly something I know happens a lot in England. Even though we’re on the other side of the world, you can certainly feel that support. The images you see of the Euros, obviously, nothing with compete with football in our country, but the level of interest, of course the game is going to be on free-to-air television, as well, which is fantastic, will bring new eyes to the game, as well,”

“We saw the benefit of that in 2019 with some of the images of people watching that game and Trafalgar Square being packed out and stuff. I’m not sure they’ll be getting up at 8:00 in the morning to get to Trafalgar Square, but I am sure there will be plenty back home wishing us well, as we do to the other teams that you mentioned who have got some big games ahead of themselves, as well,” Buttler concluded.

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