Up until this point, Matthew “Sadokist” Trivett hasn’t provided any updates on his expulsion from the IEM CS:GO Rio Major.

The well-known host responded to one of the fans on Twitter regarding the contentious incident, which reportedly involved an argument that got out of control and a broken TV. He explained that he and ESL had agreed to keep it that way because it was a private matter.

The Canadian said that since he is content to “move on,” there is “nothing to be sorry about.”

On November 5, Sadokist was taken off the IEM Rio Major broadcast. Reports state that he was intoxicated when he got into a fight.

Since then, additional reports have surfaced, alleging that the incident involving Sadokist happened in the hotels used by the actors, crew members, and talent. According to reports, he got into a heated argument with Gaules and the content team for FURIA that involved the police.

No players were involved in the incident, according to ESL. As a result, James “Moses” O’Toole and Anders Blume took Sadokist’s place at the casting desk.

This is not the first controversy that Sadokist has been a part of. He was caught using racial slurs in 2018 while streaming while under the influence to celebrate his birthday.

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