Henry Cavill does not have a nerdy physique. Cavill has absurd muscles, brutish good looks, and a superhero action movie star physique. His jawline screams “I’M GOOD-LOOKING” at you rather than cutting through glass or striking you in the face.

But in real life, Cavill does not behave like a superhero action movie star. For some time now, it has been clear that Cavill acts like a nerd. It’s pretty obvious what Cavill’s typical day-to-day is like: be a movie star, then go home to his girlfriend and be a nerd. This is evident from his talk of PC builds and collecting Warhammer 40,000 minis to his deep and abiding love for The Witcher series, which helped him land the role of Geralt. And now he’s doing it with Arcane, the popular television programme based on the game, and League of Legends.

Cavill had nothing but praise for the Netflix animated series that tells the tale of Vi and Jinx navigating the Piltover and Zaun universe in an interview with Ali Plumb of BBC Radio 1.

Evidently, the topic was brought up after Plumb recommended Cavill give the animated series a shot, a recommendation that was later confirmed by Cavill’s girlfriend. “Right, Natalie, I was told by this guy at work that I would watch Arcane,” Cavill said to Plumb after returning home. Oh, I’ve heard some pretty good things about it, she said.

From there, the rest of the story is a cliche for many streaming programmes: After binge-watching Arcane with his girlfriend, Cavill insisted he had to continue when she suggested they finally go to bed. Her reaction? “Yeah, OK, I agree with you, we should unquestionably continue to watch.” That simply sounds like a successful collaboration.

There is no indication as to whether Cavill’s admiration for the TV show has motivated him to try League itself, but given his obsession with other challenging games and lore-heavy ones, it’s not unreasonable to believe he may do so. In the same interview, he even claims that 40K would be his special topic for the Mastermind quiz show.

In any case, we support Cavill’s ongoing efforts to persuade directors to give him permission to do increasingly nerdier and nerdier things. Who knows, though? Maybe one day Superman will appear on the Rift.

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