The LEC teams’ rosters are almost complete, despite the fact that the official free agency period hasn’t even started yet. According to the most recent information, Kim “Chasy” Dong-hyeon, MAD Lions’ new top laner, and the team have just verbally agreed to terms.

According to independent journalist Brieuc Seeger’s report from today, Chasy, a top laner from South Korea, will play for MAD Lions in the upcoming season.

According to rumours, Chasy will take over for current top laner rfan Berk “Armut” Tükek. After a dominant Worlds performance with his iconic Wukong pick, which no other top laner dared to pick, Armut joined MAD Lions back in November 2020.

Armut had some initial success with MAD Lions, but it soon became clear that he was having trouble adjusting to the meta and that he was unable to compete with other laners unless he was playing Gnar, Wukong, or Ornn.

On the other hand, Chasy is a young top laner from South Korea who even played for the renowned DWG KIA team for a few months. Chasy has been competing for X7 Esports in the NLC up until this point. With over 13 champions played on stage and a win percentage of 58.8% for all professional games, Chasy’s track record is already promising.

Chasy will need to demonstrate to MAD Lions and the rest of Europe that he can keep up with big-league top laners and be the big carry the team needs, despite the fact that his stats are already impressive.

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