As India gear up for the second semi final match of the T20 World Cup match against England at the Adelaide Oval on Thursday, Indian team Captain Rohit Sharma addressed a press conference on the eve of the game and informed that both wicket keepers Rishabh Pant and Dinesh Karthik are in equation to be selected for the semi-final clash and would make a final decision before the match.

“Between DK and Pant, I had just during the last game as well, Pant was the only guy who did not get to play on this tour at all except the two games we played at Perth. They were unofficial practice games but since then he has not had a hit. He was missing game-time, so we wanted to give him time and have some options as well if we want to make changes in the semi-final or final,” said Rohit during a pre-match press conference.

“It will be unfair to bring a guy out of nowhere and make him play the game, so that was the thought. But again, we have told the guys that everyone needs to be ready for whichever game they play, whether it is the semis or league games. It was a little tactical as well considering we did not know which team we would play in semi-final before that Zimbabwe game. We wanted to make sure to give the left-hander an opportunity to counter those spinners who bowl in the middle. But again, what is going to happen tomorrow, I cannot tell you know but both of those keepers will be in play for selection,” he added.

Rohit Sharma had received a blow on his right wrist on Tuesday giving team India an injury scare. Talking about the same, the Indian captain said: “I was hit yesterday, but it seems to be fine now. There was a little bruising, but it is absolutely fine now.”

Rohit also heaped praises on the middle order dashing batsman Suryakumar yadav and said he has shown great maturity and taken pressure off a lot of the guys. “That’s probably his nature and that’s where his fearlessness comes from. He is a sort of guy who does not carry any baggage with him. Not his suitcases, he has a lot of suitcases. He loves his shopping (laughs). When it comes to carry that extra pressure, I do not think he has it in him and you can see it in how he plays. He has been playing like that or a year now,” said Rohit on Suryakumar.

“You can judge the kind of character he is. I do not know if you have heard him in interviews, he likes to play in the same fashion, whether we are 10 for 2 or 100 for 2. He likes to go out and express himself. That is probably the reason he was in the team in the last World Cup. We did not have a great World Cup, but looking at what he has done since the last World Cup, as you say, SKY is the limit for him. He has shown great maturity, he has taken pressure off a lot of the guys and it rubs off when they bat around him. We do understand his game very well,” he added.

Further talking about Suryakumar, Rohit said: “We do understand what the bowler is trying to do when he is batting. It is a collective of everything. He likes to play on big grounds, he once told me that he does not like to play on smaller grounds where he cannot see the gaps. He likes to see the gaps and play accordingly.”

Rohit went on to talk about the venue and said team will adapt according to the conditions, “Last year, in Dubai, the dimensions of the ground didn’t change much. Some of the grounds here (in Australia) have smaller boundaries, some are not. For the guys who are here, it’s a challenge.

“We adapted nicely. Adelaide is one ground we have to sit and decide. Melbourne was bigger ground. In Adelaide, we had completely different scenarios and we know what planning is required here,” he concluded.

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