One team is currently alone at the top of the list of best performers after three days of competition in the Legends Stage of the IEM Rio CS:GO Major, much to the satisfaction of the local audience that has supported them the entire time.

The last remaining Brazilian team, FURIA, is the highest-rated team in the Legends Stage after a devastating Challengers Stage that saw both 00 Nation and Imperial eliminated in a 0-3 way. FURIA advanced to the playoffs with a 3-0 stage record.

According to HLTV, FURIA has the highest overall player rating average after three days. It is unlikely that any of the teams remaining engaged in the Legends Stage competition, such as NAVI, Spirit, Outsiders, or Heroic, would be able to overtake them. The FURIA players had an average HLTV player rating of 1.23 over their four maps played, which was greater than the 1.17 average provided by other 3-0 team Cloud9.

Yuri “yuurih” Boian, who achieved a player rating of 1.42, the highest of any player during the Legends Stage, was by far the top performer for FURIA. Kaike “KSCERATO” Cerato, who made a significant contribution in the pivotal match between FURIA and BIG, finished the stage with a player rating of 1.29, placing her among the top five Legends Stage competitors. Aside from player rating, FURIA was the best team throughout the Legends Stage in terms of both total K/D at 1.28 and K/D differential at +78.

To the pleasure of the boisterous Rio audience, FURIA currently has a six-game winning streak and has also won their last eight matches. Starting on Nov. 10, they will participate in the Jeunesse Arena alongside C9 and the remaining teams that have qualified for the playoffs; when FURIA hit the stage, the audience will almost surely be thunderous.

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