There is “certainly a probability,” according to Lead Hero Designer Alec Dawson, that a melee DPS character will appear in Overwatch 2.

Three important Overwatch 2 team members spoke with Gamer Brave on a range of subjects, including the forthcoming hero Ramattra and the approaching tank player wait times before her debut. The remark of wanting to design a melee DPS hero for Overwatch 2 was, however, the interview’s main talking point.

“Yes, I would say there’s definitely a chance we’ll do some more melee heroes,” Dawson told Gamer Brave. “They’ll have their own sort of challenges obviously, but it is a type of hero that I think Overwatch has a lot more room to explore with. I think it’s part of what makes Overwatch great is that we don’t just do guns all the time.”

With the exception of characters like Reinhardt, Brigitte, and Doomfist, practically every hero in Overwatch is considered to be a ranged weapon in some capacity.

The change in OW2’s format from six-vs-six to five-v-five has ushered in new modifications to the game that could lead to even more changes in the sequel, such as the addition of more melee characters.

“We do a variety of things and achieve different fantasies,” Dawson said. “We have Mercy in our game who is quite different from her Caduceus Staff, so I think we want to continue to explore things like that with our hero releases.”

It will be intriguing to see what Overwatch 2 will see in the future. Recently, Overwatch 2 teased the introduction of a new hero, who was eventually identified as Ramattra, a tank hero that will join the game.

Check out our article on the recently published early screenshots of the forthcoming hero for more information on Ramattra’s identity, skills, and appearance. On December 6, 2022, players of Overwatch 2 will be able to play the new tank, who will be the 36th character in the game.

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