The IEM CS:GO Rio Major’s Legends Stage has officially started its first day.

Eight teams are involved in the action in Brazil, competing against the eight teams from the Challengers Stage that moved on to the tournament’s second stage. A total of 16 best-of-one series will be played today, which will seed the teams into brackets of 2-0, 1-1, and 0-2 for tomorrow.

Today, there are so many matches going on that it’s difficult to keep up with them all. You can also view the tournament’s schedule and results.

As the matches on the Legends Stage’s first day come to a conclusion, this article will be updated often.

At the IEM Rio Major, Team Liquid was looking to have a successful Major run, but MOUZ destroyed them in their opening match of the Legends Stage. After a fantastic terrorist side, which won 13 rounds courtesy to Jon “JDC” de Castro and David “frozen” Eransk’s heroics (who earned 23-6 and 22-6 K/D ratios, respectively), the European team crushed Liquid 16-2. In the second encounter, Spirit defeated Bad News Eagles while displaying a similarly commanding performance. The Kosovan team had an amazing eight rounds on the T side but failed to win any rounds on the CT side, giving Spirit a 16-8 victory.

The second round of matches is led by the contest between FaZe Clan and C9. The Riocentro stage will host a showdown between two CS:GO titans, with Sprout hoping to stun BIG off-stage.

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