England went into the clash in Melbourne as strong favourites against Ireland but were outplayed in all the three departments and defeated by five runs on the DLS scoring method when rain arrived and the game was called off. This defeat came as a shocker for England and this may trouble their qualification chances going forward. Following the upset against Ireland, the captain attended the post match conference and spoke about the need to let this defeat hurt his lads.

Skipper felt there was nothing much to say to his team members after the loss and his side need to bounce back in the upcoming games taking lessons from the loss, “I think we should let it hurt, to be honest. I think days like today are really, really disappointing, and you’ve got to feel that. There’s no point in saying let’s sweep it under the carpet and move on. I think we’ve got to reflect — we’ve got to do it quickly obviously with a game soon after, but today should hurt.”

When asked about the phase where the match slipped from England’s hands, Butler said, “I think especially in the first 10 overs with the ball. I think we were a long way short of the standards we set ourselves the game before. We let Ireland get away from us, and I thought we dragged it back well in the second half, but that put a lot of pressure on us right from the start.”

When Buttler was asked about if there was any disappointment at that time they came off due to rain or maybe a couple more balls could be delivered at that time, he said,” It was getting quite heavy. Of course, we’d love to stay on and try to hit a couple of sixes if we could, but it got heavy. I think the game was lost before that point. I think we were a long way short of where we needed to be right throughout the game, and Ireland deserved to win.”

“Yeah, it’s certainly something, whether it’s gamesmanship. I knew the rain was coming and could slow the game up. I think we had lost the game before that point. As I mentioned, we had all the things we needed in our favour. If we were ahead, they wouldn’t have been slowing the game down. So I think we should take responsibility ourselves, and we should never let it get to that kind of situation.”

England next face Australia at the MCG on Friday and with both teams having lost a game already, the stakes on this game are way higher than it initially was and can probably be the decider match for the qualification of one of the team to the next round, “Yeah, of course. That’s what World Cup cricket is about. Of course, we wanted to be going into that game having won 2 games from 2, but at some point in this tournament, the way it’s set up, you’re in must win games the majority of the time. Of course, Friday is already a big occasion playing Australia at the MCG, and it takes on that extra bit now with both teams having lost one game.”

Buttler says that the character in the group is strong, they are disappointed but he do expect a reaction from the team, “There’s a lot of experienced cricketers in our dressing room who have been set back at certain times in their career, whether it be the 2019 World Cup, whether it be in a franchise tournament, whether it be before in international cricket. Certainly, guys who understand how to deal with the emotions of great disappointment like today, got to deal with it. There’s no point in trying to hide away with the feelings you have. You’ve got to deal with those very quickly. Tomorrow we sort of get over it and look forward to the Australia game.”

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