The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) announces equal and same match fees pay for both men’s and women’s cricketers of India.

The match fees per game for the three formats will be as following:

Test Matches- 15 lakhs INR
ODI Matches- 6 lakhs INR
T20I matches- 3 lakhs INR

Jay Shah, Honorary Secretary of BCCI, releases his statement on his social media which states:

“I’m pleased to announce BCCI’S first step towards tackling discrimination. We are implementing pay equity policy for our contracted BCCI women cricketers. The match fee for both Men and Women Cricketers will be same as we move into a new era of gender equality in Cricket. The women cricketers will be paid the same match fee as their male counterparts. Test (INR 15 lakhs), ODI (INR 6 lakhs), T20I (INR 3 lakhs). Pay equity was my commitment to our women cricketers and I thank the Apex Council for their support. Jai Hind.”

Harmanpreet Kaur, the Indian women’s cricket team captain, hailed the decision and thanked BCCI for this initiative and said, “Truly a red letter day for Women’s Cricket in India with pay parity announced for women and men.”

Back in India, Men’s Indian cricketers enjoy far more benefits than their female counterparts. As of 2021-22, Category A female cricketers earn ₹50 lakh per match while their male counterparts in the same category earn ₹5 crore. Moreover, male cricket players have an A+ category that pays ₹7 crore per match.

Category B female cricketers earn ₹30 lakh per match while male cricket players in the same category earn ₹3 crore. Even Category C players in male cricket get ₹1 crore per match while female players in the category get ₹10 lakh, which is 10% of their male counterparts.

In 2015-16, the situation was even worse for female cricket players in India. Category A cricketers used to get ₹15 lakh while Category B players got ₹10 lakh per match. During those days, Category A male cricketers earned ₹1 crore per match, Grade B ₹50 lakhs and Grade C ₹25 lakhs. But over the time, BCCI has taken steps to give women cricketers a fair pay.

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