India needed two off one ball and came Ravichandran Ashwin, all eyes were on him, the billions of fans were hoping and praying for India’s win and one of the most experienced member in the squad displayed his super smartness by leaving the ball down the leg side in his first ball. Ashwin first used his brain to leave the ball and ensured of getting one run of a wide and an extra ball and then played the final ball over the covers to help the Indian team to win their first match at 2022 T20 World Cup.

He talked about what was going through his mind when he came out to bat on his Youtube channel, ” When I went to bat when 2 runs were required from 1 ball, Virat was so pumped up and told me where to get those runs. I calmly thought to myself, “Hitting in all those areas, you can do it. I will definitely try whatever I can.” I couldn’t say it out loud. And as I walked in to bat, I cursed Dinesh Karthik for a second and then later thought, No, no. We still have time, let us do what we are here for.”

He said it was his longest walk from Indian team dug out to the center of the pitch and what his mindset was,” Einstein said in his theory of relativity, right? When you don’t like the place where you are, even one minute will look like one hour. Whereas if you talk to the girl you like, one hour will seem like one minute. It seemed like I was walking for ages to get to the pitch. Then I saw Virat Kohli. He told me so many things. But I thought of only one thing to myself after seeing him. “God has given you so much today. So, how will he ever let me down? At least for you, won’t he let me get these runs? See the ball, then place it in a vacant space and just run for life.” This is what I thought to myself.”

He further explained what his conversations was with Virat and how Virat Kohli pumped him up for hitting a boundary and win the game,” I asked him 2-3 questions. “Is he bowling onto the leg stump? Where is he bowling?” They do these in police investigations, right? “Where do they have their fielders? At what pace is he bowling?” He replied, “Yes, he is bowling onto the legs, give some room and whack him over covers.” I was like, “Whack? Dude, I have just come, and it is so freezing cold out here.” Then The moment I saw the ball going down the leg side, I decided not to have any business playing it and decided to leave it alone and got one run for the wide. As soon as I got that one run, I got so relaxed, “Thank God, they won’t throw any stones at my place today. All I need to do now is to place the ball at some vacant area.”

Earlier, Virat Kohli single handedly powered India to a drama filled four-wicket win over their arch-rivals Pakistan with a magnificent 53-ball 82 not out in their most crucial T20 World Cup game here on Sunday. Ashwin applauded the Kohli’s inning and Hilariously told, “I really think some spirit went inside him that day. What a knock! Leave alone the shots he played, after 45 balls, we saw the transformation from Genga to Chandramukhi. Just like how Jyothika becomes Chandramukhi and asks Prabhu, “Won’t you leave me?” God has made this guy smash Haris Rauf over his head for a six on the backfoot, and over the square leg for another six with a flick.”

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