Teemo is undoubtedly one of the more annoying League of Legends champions to play against.

Recently, two players had the chance to understand what it’s like to compete against Teemo. In a video that was uploaded to League’s subreddit, Akali and Kayn took just over two minutes to locate the Swift Scout, allowing his team to use the map to their advantage.

Teemo’s passive, Guerrilla Warfare, enables the champion to disappear if he remains motionless for an extended period of time. However, he can move through brush while remaining invisible, making it difficult for adversaries to see him and target him with any point-and-click manoeuvres.

In the video above, that is precisely what took place. Teemo quickly fled to the brush when he saw the threat approaching and made every effort to evade Kayn and Akali’s powers. His efforts were fruitful. The adversaries appeared to have given up at one point when Akali pushed the lane and Kayn remembered.

Despite his valiant attempts to avoid being hit, Akali eventually killed Teemo. Nevertheless, two minutes had passed since Teemo had entered the brush, and his teammates had taken victories in other areas of the map, including two kills in the bot lane. T

Since the Swift Scout still gained experience from the play and lost a lot of time, it was ultimately worthwhile.

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