Players of Apex Legends who are holding out for cross-progression will have to keep waiting, as developer Respawn Entertainment is currently mum on the subject.

At a press conference, Apex design director Evan Nikolich disclosed that although the development team is still working on the feature, there are some technical difficulties that need to be resolved before it can be implemented. Nikolich responded to a query about the feature by stating that Apex “wasn’t built with cross-progression in mind.” The team is committed to making it happen and is eager to incorporate it into the game, but as of now, they are still working on it.

Nikolich made the implication that the game’s popularity contributed to some of the implementation’s challenges. He revealed that Respawn had no idea Apex would be so popular when it was first released. Due to this, it’s possible that some features and functionalities were given higher priority than cross-progression. Nikolich said he wanted to wait until they were sure they were ready to release it before telling fans an estimated date or release window for cross-progression.

Eclipse, the 15th season of Apex, debuts on November 1.

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