Indian Captain Rohit Sharma and Pakistan Captain Babar Azam attended the pre match conference on the eve of the mouth watering clash against each other. Since their last few matches, the on-field rivalry has scarcely matched the off-field build-up for the longest time and the games have been so monotonously one-sided except for their last encounter in Asia Cup 2022, but it is still India and Pakistan. It is still an ego battle with so much history that has been filled in us right from our childhood days. Both the captains are looking forward for a good match and here is what they had to say about this clash:

Rohit Sharma:

On Pakistan strong looking side: “This Pakistani team is very challenging. All the Pakistan teams that I’ve played have been good. It’s just about on that day. And that has what happened in the last so many years. Pakistan were good on the day of the T20 World Cup match. They were also good at the Asia Cup. Luckily for us we got to play them twice at the Asia Cup, we don’t get to play them a lot. We got gauge them. Their strengths, weaknesses.”

On who is favorite between the two teams: “I don’t believe in the terms, favorites and underdogs. If you don’t reach the ground with the right mindset on that day, you won’t be able to perform. Whenever we come into the World Cup, there’s outside talk about favorites and underdogs. The qualifier was the best example of how you need to focus on execution on that very day.”

On Pakistan’s bowing vs India batting: “We also know their bowling is very good. And our batters are quite experienced. It becomes a good situation for the match and the viewers. I’ll say this that we have talked about how we need to execute this. For us both batting and bowling will be important and we must also not forget fielding.”

Babar Azam:

On Pakistan’s strongest suit, their bowling: The way our fast bowlers are performing, Shaheen Afridi has come back, Mohammad Wasim, and especially the way Haris has improved his bowling and grown his game, our confidence in our bowling unit is quite high. So, on the day, we will try to execute our plans.”

On Pakistan’s under performing middle order: “You never know. This is T20. On the day anyone can surprise you. It is a short format, any player can win you the match. We have belief in the middle order. They have won us enough matches, they have performed in enough difficult situations. You should be prepared for everything.”

On Shan’s and Fakhar’s injury concerns: “Shan Masood has recovered. All the test reports look good. He is ready for tomorrow. We haven’t yet seen the pitch. We know an XI in the back of the mind, but we will confirm it when we see the wicket. Fakhar hasn’t recovered fully. It will take him one or two matches.”

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