Viewership of the League of Legends World Championship has significantly decreased from the previous year.

According to a report by Esports Charts, the peak views, average viewers, and hours viewed for the group stage of Worlds 2022 decreased by over 40% when compared to the group stage of Worlds 2021.

The first week of the group stage saw a high of 1,390,933 viewers for the Group A match between Fnatic and T1. However, just 1,219,103 people watched the rematch the next week. With 1,362,885 viewers for their match against EDward Gaming in the first round robin, T1 also holds the record for the second-most watched match of the competition. The match between Gen.G and Royal Never Give Up in Group D peaked at 1,265,910 spectators.

T1 had 1,049,804 views on average during the event, making them the most popular team overall. With 997,977 and 987,645 viewers, Fnatic and EDward Gaming come in second and third, respectively.

Esports Charts reported that during the Worlds 2021 group stage, there were 2,232,979 peak viewers, 1,308,529 average viewers, and 79,165,976 hours watched. However, the competition from the previous year was held in Iceland and had considerably more convenient viewing times for spectators in Europe and Asia.

The data also shows a decline in the average number of viewers for Worlds 2022 across all broadcast languages. Although the statistics are only down 5% in English, they are down 63 and 42% in Korean and Portuguese, respectively. Again, this is almost certainly a result of awkward time zones. The first week of group stage games began at 6 a.m. in South Korea and 10 or 11 p.m. in the majority of Europe.

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