Riot Games unveiled K’Sante, the newest champion to join the League of Legends roster, on October 13. The winner will be a skilled bruiser who prefers the top lane. However, he is far more complex than that.

According to his voice actor DeObia Oparei, K’Sante will join Summoner’s Rift as the first black LGBTQ champion. “I’m excited to give life and voice to K’Sante and make history portraying the first LGBTQ black Champion Warrior,” he said on Twitter.

Diana, Leona, Graves, Neeko, and Twisted Fate are just a few of the game’s champions who identify as gay or bisexual. Through lore and legends, the developers provided background information. For instance, Twisted Fate and Graves’ romance was emphasised to honour this year’s Pride Month in June.

At this early stage, not much is known about K’Sante, but we do know that he will be the first champion from the brand-new Runeterra area, Nazumah.

K’Sante gives the impression that he will be some kind of hunter in the champion’s introduction video, “The Hunter’s Pride.” He states that every day is an opportunity for a new hunt. A bow is also sketched in a drawing that the champion examines in the movie, possibly indicating that his preferred weapon on Summoner’s Rift.

While it is unknown when K’Sante will make his gaming debut, fans have conjectured that further information may be revealed at the 2022 League of Legends World Championship, which concludes on November 5.

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