In Destiny 2, transmat effects are a particular class of cosmetic item. Once outfitted, a Guardian can experience these benefits each time he or she loads onto a landing zone. In essence, Guardians teleport into a landing zone using their light, and the standard arrival effect is unimpressive and uninteresting.

Guardians have access to a wide variety of transmat effects in Destiny 2. On Nessus and other Cabal-infested places, some of the coolest transmat effects in the game make Guardians resemble Hive Shriekers or even the enormous Cabal ball that constantly falling from the sky and crushing Guardians beneath it.

How to obtain the End of the Rainbow transmat effect for free in Destiny 2

Every now and then, Bungie likes to give its player base free gifts. One of these uncompensated benefits is the End of the Rainbow transmat effect. Before using it in Destiny 2, Guardians must first make a claim on Bungie’s website. R9J-79M-J6C is the code for this transmat effect.

Guardians will then need to enter Destiny 2 after claiming this complimentary transmat effect on the Bungie website. Guardians must land in the Tower after they enter the game and travel to Master Rahool, who also happens to be the Cryptarch, by route of the Tower. You can take this transmat effect from him and equip it later.

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