As the biggest tournament gets started, a recently discovered visual bug involving Orianna’s abilities is clearly still present in League of Legends, having an effect on yesterday’s match between GAM Esports and Rogue.

League of Legends is still prone to perplexing bugs and errors in 2022, many of which are reported by community members like Vandril. Vandril regularly finds dozens of bugs in League as a committed bug hunter, which greatly aids developers in fixing the issue.

Recently, Vandril discovered that Orianna’s Command: Shockwave animation will appear on her after she uses her Command: Protect ability to shield an ally champion and uses Command: Shockwave seconds later. Orianna’s ally is normally protected by Command: Shockwave, but the animation gives the impression that Orianna is protected by the ultimate.

On October 9, during the Worlds 2022 group stage, Orianna was chosen for the first time. At the 36-minute mark, when GAM Esports and Rogue got into a teamfight that decided the game, the same Orianna bug reappeared. Although it didn’t affect the outcome of this specific battle, there will still be plenty of time at Worlds 2022 for it to have a significant impact when everything is on the line.

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