Since the team was disqualified from the VCT Game Changers open qualifier due to one of their players allegedly cheating in the 2-1 victory against CLG Red, which was later reversed, EQ Cerise have been at the centre of controversy.

Riot Games withheld the identity of the aforementioned player, but it was revealed that the player is dyslexic based on what EQ Cerise’s in-game leader Amber said following the disqualification. The EQ Cerise player admitted to pretending to be non-binary in order to compete in VCT Game Changers, VALORANT’s competitive scene for marginalised genders, but she denied using a third-party cheating programme.

Dsylexic said nabiichu, one of the EQ Cerise players, knew that they had faked their gender and even encouraged them to lie. “I sincerely apologize to my teammates for lying about my non-binary status to play in Game Changers,” dsylexic said in a Twitlonger.

Although Dsylexic acknowledged using cheating software in the past, he claimed it was disabled during the CLG Red match.

“Yes, I do admit that I did own cheating software and was banned prior for using it and stopped because of it,” dsylexic said in a tweet. “It was not used during any of the games played on the account, or the match played on tournament client against CLG.”

Even though dsylexic is allegedly listed as a customer in a Discord server that sells third-party cheats for VALORANT, the community as a whole does not think he was playing “pure” against CLG Red.

Nabiichu put out a Twitlonger of their own after dsylexic’s statement and said everything dsylexic had said is true. “I entertained his idea of pretending to be non-binary in order to compete and helped him sub in for my previous team during VCT,” nabiichu said. “I know now how awful what we did was. I should’ve shut down the idea immediately and moved on, but I didn’t. I am sorry to anyone and everyone I have hurt with the terrible decision I made.”

Nabiichu will take a break from competition, and it’s unclear what will happen to the other EQ Cerise players, including dsylexic.

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