Mark “NEACE” Former army intelligence sergeant Neace, a multi-year League of Legends Challenger, spends his time mentoring players who are having trouble moving up the ranks.

One of the least popular League icons is NEACE, who has been criticised in the past for smurfing, unconventional coaching techniques, and other toxic behaviour. Although you have the option to skip his streams if you disagree with his teachings, the toxicity of his streams and coaching sessions has increased.

The Verdant jungler Jordi “Flawed” Bust tweeted a video of a recent NEACE coaching session that had been uploaded to TikTok. Although we’re accustomed to NIECE’s brutally direct and rough teaching style, it is evident that NEACE abuses his student in this brief video by shouting and using profanity. What’s worse is that NEACE consistently uploads videos with similar content to his TikTok account, suggesting that he finds this type of behaviour tolerable and even funny.

It’s unfortunate that students at NEACE pay $250 to be publicly ridiculed, slandered, and even bullied during a live stream. That’s not all, though. You will need to pay an additional $100 only to enjoy the comforts of avoiding public humiliation if you don’t want to receive coaching during stream hours. Consider switching coaches if you want to improve in League in a secure setting.

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