Riot Games announced some exciting changes coming to League of Legends on September 30, 2022. This time, they are putting more of an emphasis on Champion Select and the out-of-game experience.

We will delve deeply into each of the three main subjects they covered in this article: Champion Select Anonymity, Pick Order Swapping, and Loadout Recommender. All of these upcoming changes are scheduled to go into effect by the end of the year.

Riot also revealed a few less significant changes that will take effect right away. These will concentrate on modifying the hidden MMR system to improve matchmaking. By reducing the number of smurfs and new players in the same lobby based on who has played the most ranked games this season, these essentially seek to increase match parity.

Discovering forthcoming League of Legends changes

Champion Select Anonymity

Players have used dodging frequently and effectively to advance in League of Legends at all ranks. The developers are aware that dodging a lobby should be used in a few exceptional, legitimate circumstances, but they are also aware that it is typically not done so with good intentions.

As soon as Champion Select starts, a lot of League of Legends players will consult external websites to evaluate their teammates. They will check to see who has been performing well, who will play their primary champion, and who is playing a new character for the first time in ranked.

Riot Games intends to introduce anonymity in Champion Select because they do not want dodges to be used for this purpose. You won’t be able to look up your teammates before the game because usernames are no longer displayed.

Pick Order Swapping

This feature has existed in Wild Rift since the game’s inception as a mobile adaptation of League of Legends by Riot Games. You will now be able to request to swap your pick order rather than asking someone to choose your champion for you. Unquestionably, this is a fantastic change that is long overdue.

No longer will you have to exchange back-and-forth emails with your teammates to figure out if you have each other’s champions, if you intend to switch your pick based on who the enemy has, or any other issues brought on by the current system. Players of League of Legends have long requested Pick Order Swapping, a fantastic change.

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