England’s red ball cricket captain Ben Stokes responds back to Harsha Bhogle’s series of tweets criticizing England media over the Deepti Sharma-Charlotte Dean run-out controversy. In his thread in favour of Deepti Sharma, Harsha Bhogle had written about how the whole English media criticizing the running out of a non-striker for backing up too far could be a “cultural thing”, that did not go well with Stokes and disapproved of the same in his replies.

In reply to the above thread from Harsha hitting out at the English Media, Stokes wrote, “Harsha bringing culture into peoples opinion over a Mankad?” Stokes wrote in one of his tweets. He also called out the Indian fans how he still receives the countless number of messages calling him all sorts even after the three years of World cup 2019.

Here are his tweets where he explained this is not the cultural thing, it is being talked all over the Globe:

Harsha also wrote in one of his tweet that how he remain disturbed by the vitriol directed towards Deepti. He requested that she played by the laws of the game and criticism of what is becoming the non ending controversy must stop. Stokes replied that he still receives backlashes from Indian fans from his controversial 2019 World cup incident.

Bhogle was quick to reply to the 31-year-old that he agrees with the left-handed batter that it was not his fault, “Well, you were not at fault on that one so with you there. On the reaction in England to the non-striker backing up, I think it is what you are told when you learn the game and so, part of culture. Very happy to chat about it one day if you have a moment.”

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