According to UK court documents, Kieran Holmes-Darby, a co-founder of EXCEL ESPORTS, has filed a claim against the company with an employment tribunal.

The Jacob Wolf Report broke the news that EXCEL had confirmed the assertion, but it is unclear why and what it said.

The hearing is scheduled to take place at the London Central Employment Tribunal on October 11th, according to the official court documents.

The case’s specifics are kept private, as is customary in UK employment tribunal cases. But according to media reports, Holmes-Darby is suing EXCEL for wrongful dismissal. Both parties have not declared.

In December 2014, Kieran Holmes-Darby and his brother Joel established EXCEL Esports. To join Method, a World of Warcraft guild and gaming and esports organisation, Joel Holmes-Darby left EXCEL back in 2020.

When current CEO Wouter Sleijffers joined EXCEL, Kieran transitioned from his role as CEO to that of Chief Gaming Officer. Later, in early 2022, Kieran Holmes-Darby joined Formula E as the organization’s Gaming Director.

Little is known about the employment tribunal claim. EXCEL Esports CEO Wouter Sleijffers said in a statement to The Jacob Wolf Report that “a case has been filed by Kieran against EXCEL LEC Ltd.”, but added that “it would not be appropriate to comment on the case at this stage.”

If the lawsuit is indeed related to wrongful termination, Holmes-Darby will be claiming that he was fired in violation of the employment contract, that he was not given the required amount of notice, and that as a result, he suffered financially. In essence, it indicates that EXCEL disregarded the agreed-upon contract.

The story is still being developed.

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