Almost three years since the ‘bits and pieces’ saga between Indian all rounder Ravindra Jadeja and Sanjay Manjrekar, everything seems well between the two now. The left-handed batter shared a picture of Manjrekar on Twitter with the caption ,”Watching my dear friend on screen @sanjaymanjrekar”.

To the tweet of Jadeja, Manjrekar also reacted positively and wish him all the best and said his dear friend is looking forward to see him on the field at the soonest.

It is not hidden from anyone that Ravindra Jadeja and Sanjay Manjrekar have not seen eye to eye on many things. During the 2019 World Cup, the former cricketer termed the Indian all-rounder a ‘bits and pieces player’ to which Jadeja got miffed and slammed him saying, “Still I have played twice the number of matches you have played and I m still playing. Learn to respect people who have achieved. I have heard enough of your verbal diarrhoea. @sanjaymanjrekar.”

The two did not have the good relation after that controversy which led to Jadeja taunting Manjrekar after his fifty in the 2019 WC semi-final saying ‘Ab kya bologe?’. Later he also explained that famous celebration.

“Tab toh Bhatta garam tha, na! (The grill was hot, then!) I was searching for the commentary box. Then I thought, it must be somewhere there, only. And those who understand would know who I was targeting the celebration at!”

After the 2022 Asia Cup group stage clash against Pakistan, the two shared an uneasy on-air interaction in August during the post-match interview where Manjrekar broke the ice by saying: “You are okay to talk to me Jaddu, right”. Both of them laughed after that.

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