Abhiyuday Mishra, better known by his YouTube handle SkyLord, was a well-known Free Fire content creator who reportedly died on September 26 from wounds received in a road accident.

The Indore-based YouTuber had 1.45 million subscribers and was on a biking tour when the accident happened. The news source Dainik Bhaskar reported that Abhiyuday was on a “MP Tourism Riding Tour.” Around 2:00 p.m. in the afternoon, a truck struck the content creator on the Narmadapuram-Pipariya state highway close to Sohagpur.

Popular Youtuber Skylord (Fan edited Photo)

According to local news outlets, SkyLord participated in the Riders in the Wild biker tour, which was organised by the state government to promote tourism in and around Khajuraho. The tour was scheduled to end on September 27, a day after Mishra’s death.

The tour group had arrived in Pachmarhi and was on their way to Madhai when the accident occurred on the Narmadapuram-Pipariya highway on Sunday. According to reports, a truck travelling from Pipariya struck the YouTuber from behind near the town of Sohagpur on State Highway-22. Skylord was then rushed to the town’s Community Health Center.

However, due to his critical condition, he was transferred to Narmadapuram. According to Dainik Bhaskar, he suffered serious injuries to his right leg and thighs. Abhiyuday Mishra died from his injuries while being transported to Bhopal’s Bansal Hospital.

The MP Tourism Board’s Umakant Chaudhary confirmed that the YouTuber was involved in an accident in Sohagpur. The truck driver who hit him has also been charged by police.

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