"Crosses are overpowered" : Fans react to the launch of FIFA 23

FIFA 23 has launched successfully for early access users and has raised the excitement levels of players.

EA Sports released the 2023 iteration of FIFA football game successfully for the early access users on 26th September. Various users were able to download their copies of the game from sources like Epic games, Steam and EA Sports website.

A new season means curiosity and excitement towards the newly added features in the game. Users were amazed at the looks and graphics of the game and seems like everyone’s first impressions about the game have a positive side to them.

Here are some of the important takeaways from fan reactions on the game:-

  • Crosses are overpowered: Crossing has always been an underused trait in FIFA due to the difficulty in scoring goals using this method. Mastering crossing used to be a very tough task. But EA have finally tried to look into it, and how! Crossing is overpowered according to the users who got their hands on the game.
  • Clunky dribbling: Dribbling is one of the most fun to do things on FIFA. Fans seem to be a bit disappointed in terms of the tweaking done by EA. Players feel a bit more heavier on the ball in this edition of FIFA, meaning that ‘silky smooth dribbling’ isn’t that prominent anymore.
  • Initial Glitches: As expected, EA haven’t been able to sort their knack of rolling out the game with existing glitches. For the users who pre-ordered the ultimate edition of the game, the 4600 fifa points that they were supposed to get are not showing up on the account. Also, Steam users were left frustrated with the delay in the early access release on the platform.
  • Realistic angle: Players feel that this version of game has added that element of reality to itself. The game feels a lot more realistic than ever before courtesy the normalization of crossing and dribbling. EA Sports claim to have used the ‘Hypermotion’ technology to track player movements, and looks like they have been able to pull it off.

This is all about the initial reactions on the game. It’ll be very interesting to see how EA manages the online side of the game(FUT) and whether they are able to roll out regular and beneficial updates to the game or not.

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