Fans are perplexed by the frustrating crashes and black screens that plague Treyarch’s Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War update.

Treyarch has been working hard to determine the cause of the crashes and look for a potential fix.

The issues started as soon as the Black Ops Cold War update appeared on players’ screens, and fans began complaining to Treyarch.

The Call of Duty developers gave fans the heads up that they were on the case, saying on Twitter that “we are aware and investigating crashes, or black screens players may encounter on after receiving today’s #BlackOpsColdWar update.”

Treyarch has attempted to fix the issue, however, the problem remains at large as of publication, with the developers saying “On September 26th, 2022, we released an update for all platforms at 10 am/PT.”

“Unfortunately, shortly after the release of this update, we discovered that some PC players on were encountering black screens or crashes, prompting the user to Scan and Repair,” the devs added.

Trello is being used by Treyarch to update fans on the status of the update fix so that players can access Black Ops Cold War zombies as soon as possible, hopefully all of this will be resolved soon.

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