In preparation for the 2022 League of Legends World Championship, many players are warming up in the Champions Queue in North America.

The fact that NA players have been dominating the Champions Queue leaderboard indicates that the home advantage is definitely in their favour. Seven of the top 10 positions are held by LCS players. Although players from other regions are moving up the leaderboard, their journey has not been as easy. Nisqy of the MAD Lions learned this the hard way.

Yesterday, Riot analyst Caedrel watched a League match with an impressive lineup on his Twitch stream. A number of the top players from the leaderboard were present, including Chad, Berik, Doublelift, Jojopyun, Tactical, Zven, Nisqy, and Lourlo.

The mid lane duel between Nisqy and Jojopyun caught Caedrel’s attention. The youngest player in NA to win an LCS title completely destroyed the 2022 LEC Summer Regular Season MVP.

Not only did Jojopyun’s Akali dominate in the laning phase, but he also became a menace in skirmishes. One of the key highlights of the match was when he outplayed Rege’s Hecarim and Nisqy’s Azir by himself while his team members took down the Baron.

After winning this fight, Jojo also wrote a cheeky “NA > EU” in the League chat, insinuating his region’s superiority over Europe.

Jojo’s side went on to win the match and he was the star of the show with an impressive 9/1/10 KDA. 

Evil Geniuses will be banking on such top performances from its players if they want to be one of the four teams to qualify from Play-Ins to the group stage.

Jojopyun’s Akali not only dominated the laning phase but also turned into a danger in the skirmishes. One of the game’s most memorable moments occurred when he defeated Rege’s Hecarim and Nisqy’s Azir on his own while his teammates defeated the Baron.

Jojo, who triumphed in this battle, also jokingly wrote in the League chat, “NA > EU,” suggesting that North America is superior to Europe.

Jojo was the star of the show with an impressive 9/1/10 KDA as his team went on to win the game.

If Evil Geniuses wants to be one of the four teams to advance from the play-in round to the group stage, they will depend on such outstanding performances from their players.

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