Skye’s situational value in Valorant has always put her in an odd position. She was selected about 21% of the time at the just-finished Valorous Champions Istanbul event, with the majority of the pick rate being influenced by her viability on Bind. She was picked 36 times out of the 172 matches that were played at the event, and 22 of her picks were on Bind. In other maps, other Duelists simply outclass her, however, Riot Games is currently making changes to her equipment that may make her more adaptable.

Skye’s Guiding Light is receiving a massive buff

Skye did not observe any significant play outside of Bind, and her Guiding Light was quite situational. Riot Games claimed that Guiding Light’s destructibility was too harsh when she tried to throw them at a longer range in the new public beta setting. The adjustment will encourage more teamwork, set Skye’s Guiding Light apart from other flashes in the game, and boost top-end production while rewarding her for positioning her birds in the appropriate places.

The latest release includes the following changes:

1)A new flashbang scaling paradigm for Guiding Light (E)

2)Skye’s Guiding Light’s maximum flash duration now scales from 1.25 seconds to 2.25 seconds over a. 75-second charge-up period after being cast.

3)There is no longer a way to shoot and destroy Guiding Light.

4)To convey new gameplay intent, new VFX, UI, and noises have been introduced.

Another adjustment raises the unequip delay in Guiding Light from 0.75 to 0.85 seconds. Due to Guiding Light’s invulnerability, it is a far more flexible tool than a situational one.

Skye may finally be utilised more often now that other agents’ flash abilities have been weakened and she has had some changes made to her kit that make her E ability much stronger. These adjustments are meant to improve Skye’s overall teamplay production during coordinated play and lessen some of its effectiveness when played alone. There is also a high skill ceiling when it comes to employing Guiding Light because a delay has been added to the ability.

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