Horsepower’s producers have expressed their sympathies to exasperated viewers and revealed their own frustration with Amazon’s failure to make the new four-part Flat racing series accessible to all customers.

Horsepower, which follows the exploits of champion jockey Oisin Murphy and leading trainer Andrew Balding from autumn 2020 to summer 2021, was supposed to premiere on Prime Video early on Friday, but it was still unavailable to many subscribers even on Saturday morning.

Among those who have been unable to watch Horsepower is one of the documentary’s producers and directors, John Maxse, who spoke out on Saturday on behalf of the show’s producers, Equine Productions and Lorton Entertainment.

Amazon is said to have experienced technical upload issues with the series on Thursday evening, though no one linked to Horsepower has been able to get a response from the organisation as to why the issue has continued for so long.

Many social media users have expressed their dissatisfaction with the inability to access Horsepower.

“Oisin, the Baldings, Equine Productions and myself were all getting a lot of messages yesterday, asking us where is the programme?” said Maxse.

“Some people have had access to the series but some have not and it has proved impossible to get clarification from Amazon as to when the problem will be resolved. For those who haven’t been able to find it, the programme has not been coming up on the Prime Video home page but it also hasn’t been available when you do a search, although Amazon is saying it is there.

“We are frustrated and also sympathetic to all those who have been trying to watch Horsepower but have so far been unable to do so. First impressions as a customer are so important – and our customers have had a bad first impression, which is worrying for us.”

Among those expressing disappointment on Saturday was jump jockey Sam Twiston-Davies, whose fruitless search directed him to season one of a 2010 ITV series called ‘Horsepower with Martin Clunes’.

Maxse added: “It is extremely exasperating. I don’t think it would happen with Lord of the Rings, but it has happened with Horsepower.”

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