Pakistan Head coach Saqlain Mushtaq compares Pakistan’s loss to law of Nature and defined his team’s loss as “Qudrat ka Nizaam”. Pakistan suffered a 63-run loss in the third T20I against England, as the visiting side took a 2-1 lead in the ongoing T20I series. Following the match, Saqlain Mushtaq attended the press conference where he was asked about team’s heavy loss. His response to the question didn’t go well with the fans as he compared loss to natural phenomenon which left fans bemused and confused and video went viral in no time.

He said, ” Day and night, summer and winter, rains and clouds, they are all natural. Just like that, sport is also the same. Win and loss will be there. We need to accept it, and we do that gracefully. It’s natural, what can we do?”

“Yes, everyone wants to win. Fans want, you all want, all Pakistanis want us to win. But again, day and night, life and death, it’s all-natural. What we have is intent, rest we can only pray to win.”

Here is the clip from Saqlain’s press conference:

Fans took on social media and trolled the head coach brutally for his weird remarks to defend Pakistan’s loss.

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