Jose Mourinho has featured in a shock cameo for Stormzy's latest song.

Jose Mourinho has featured in a shock cameo for Stormzy’s latest song.

Portuguese manager Jose Mourinho has given a shock cameo appearance in the latest song by famous rapper and Manchester United fan Stormzy.

Mourinho has been filmed doing the ‘shush’ move in the latest music video of rapper Stormzy which goes by the name ‘Mel made me do it’.

Stormzy used one of the iconic lines of Mourinho’s interviews in his song. Mourinho famously said “I prefer not to speak, if i speak i’m in big trouble” after he was left disappointed by the officiating in Chelsea’s game against Aston Villa back in 2014. Stormzy has used this phrase in his music video featuring the man himself.

Mourinho took to social media and said “Was great fun doing this cameo for Stormzy’s new music video out today. I had a great time.”

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