Pokimane returns

Twitch streamer Pokimane returns to streaming soon after prioritizing a break for her mental health. Pokimane said in July 2022 that she planned to take a hiatus from broadcasting so that she could devote the time needed to renew her mind. When she teased her fans with the prospect of a brand-new broadcasting venue, they began keeping watch of her as she prepared to return.
She had just stated that she would return as soon as possible, but she had not yet specified an exact return date. Her 9.2 million Twitch fans had very little information about her return date, and they would have to wait until their broadcasting icon revealed it. Supporters won’t have to wait long, though, as Pokimane recently announced her return to Twitch plans.

Pokimane, a female Twitch streamer, returns to streaming soon after setting her mental health as a priority. The popular streamer will continue streaming regularly as she did before her break.
Streams resume on Thursday, September 1 at noon, Pokimane tweeted to her fans.

This tweet earned a ton of likes and retweets almost afterward. Other well-known broadcasters also expressed their enthusiasm for Pokimane’s comeback, with people like Jakenbake, Jack Manifold, and AverageJonas saying they would be watching her broadcast when it began. Fans were praising her in her mentions, by saying, “return of the queen,” and a fellow streamer QTCinderella stated, “This is my Super Bowl.”

Pokimane will start a live video stream on her Twitch channel at 12 PM PST/ 3 PM EST on Thursday, September 1. Fans are eagerly waiting and they cannot afford to miss the renowned streamer’s return to online streaming.

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