worlds 2022

In the second round of the 2022 LCS Championship, Team Liquid’s experienced superteam faced up against the new stars of 100 Thieves, providing North American League of Legends fans with a fight between the new and old era. When the dust finally settled after the best-of-five series, only one team emerged from the carnage: 100 Thieves. The best-of-five series had the potential to be an explosive matchup between two of the league’s top teams.

Even though Liquid’s star-studded squad failed to take home the LCS crown in their first split, expectations for them were still relatively high this summer. They were forced to rethink their strategies after being defeated by Evil Geniuses in the lower bracket because it was obvious that relying solely on firepower would not be sufficient to counter their opponents’ inventiveness from the youth movement. Similar to this, 100 Thieves were in disarray after failing to maintain their crown this past spring. They had to reassemble their tight-knit lineup after losing to Evil Geniuses in the championship match in order to stand in the winners’ circle once more. They still have one of the league’s most reliable rosters and accomplished coaching staff to support them.

With some of the most thrilling postseason moments, this rivalry did not fail to amuse the League community. In games one and two, Liquid struggled to build any early advantages despite their superior laning, and 100 Thieves gained control because of some outstanding late-game team fighting. Liquid is currently in a precarious position as they compete for a chance to not only advance from the lower bracket but also secure a spot at the 2022 World Championship. Since their victory also secured them a spot at Worlds, 100 Thieves won’t have to worry about a repeat situation, allowing them to concentrate entirely on the remaining playoff matches.

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