The M4 World Championship 2023, the biggest Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) esports competition to date, will take place in Jakarta, Indonesia. The competition will start on January 1st, making it the inaugural esports competition of the coming season. The world’s top teams will compete against one another for the chance to take home the championship trophy.

Moonton has just disclosed that the championship may take place in Jakarta, Indonesia, in 2019. Until now, we only knew the event’s dates. First, the location of the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang M4 World Championship 2023 was hinted at in a recent video shared on MPL Indonesia’s social media accounts. On MPL Indonesia’s Instagram page, Moonton shared a video honoring the nation’s independence day. Fans quickly noticed the M4 World Championship poster with Jakarta written on it, even though the footage initially appeared to be rather typical. The community of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is debating whether the appearance was a deliberate move or an unfortunate leak in response to the appearance.

Even though the tournament’s site has been hotly debated in the community for a while, many well-known Indonesian content producers have already stated that there is a good probability the event will take place in their nation the following year.

Moonton acted right away in response to the internet leak or tip. They have now formally disclosed the site of the 2023 M4 World Championship rather than discussing the leak. And they have confirmed that the tournament is headed to Jakarta, Indonesia, the next year. From January 1 through January 15, the competition will take place. This year, Indonesia will also host the PUBG Mobile Global Championship in addition to the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang M4 World Championship. As a result, the nation will soon serve as the focal point for some of the biggest mobile esports events.

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