New State Mobile new map

New State Mobile was released last year in November, the game has been downloaded by millions of players since then. The game has been touted by many esports fans as PUBG Mobile, Part 2. According to the developers of the game KRAFTON, New State builds on the intense gameplay of PUBG Mobile and BGMI. The game has been trending since the BGMI ban and many esports industry professionals have started looking at it as a viable alternative. All multiplayer games thrive on seasonal updates which add new features to the game. A recent modification to the game included a similar addition. Unquestionably, the new Bounty Royale game option has grown to be one of the most thrilling.

New Map Akinta

The map Akinta was revealed in the latest update to New State Mobile. The servers of the game were down for maintenance on August 18, 2022. The map was released when the servers went live after the maintenance. Akinta is a map that is filled with futuristic aesthetics where the buildings and architecture bear resemblance to those featured in a sci-fi movie.

NEW STATE Mobile's latest map Akinta and game mode Bounty Royale explained
Akinta, the latest map to be added in New State Mobile

Bounty Royale game mode details

The new Bounty Royale game mode looks great, and New State Mobile is continually providing us with fresh material. This new game mode is quite distinctive, and it’s enjoyable to play the matches in it. In order to play it you must visit the map area where you will have to choose the game mode. You will need a ticket to enter the Bounty Royale mode. This ticket can be found in your in-game mailbox after downloading the latest update.

Then select the Akinta Option in the lab section. Once you choose this game mode, everything is set. However, be careful to choose your betting option before the game begins. You will receive better equipment in return for a smaller score multiplier if you choose lower betting system settings. Your score multiplier increases the higher choice you select. Higher bets will, however, result in significantly lesser in-game gear.

As you advance to higher ranks, you can choose your betting selections. Additionally, paying a significant Entry Fee is a requirement for moving up the tiers. Go ahead and begin the game after choosing your betting strategy. Bounty Royale’s prize money can be collected by eliminating your opponents and acquiring golden chips. Depending on your finish, you will also receive a specific amount of prize money.

At the conclusion of the game, the top three positions will even receive a rank bonus. The winners can even use their winnings to resurrect themselves a maximum of twice. Also, keep in mind that the care packages are loaded with cash.

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