Elon Musk Manchester United

“I’m buying Manchester United,” tweeted Elon Musk on Wednesday, sending Twitter into a meltdown over the potential ramifications of a deal. Musk clarified later that his comments were to be taken in jest.

“Also, I’m buying Manchester United, ur welcome” – simple words that sent the entire Manchester United Twitter into meltdown on Wednesday morning. The statement tweeted out by Tesla CEO Elon Musk created a frenzy amid the latest ongoing crisis at the club, with fans repeatedly asking for the current ownership to hand over the reins to someone else, someone who can make them competitive again.

Some took Musk’s statement as a positive sign that the years of fan protests have finally brought the issue to mainstream attention. The Red Devils faithful have been vocal against the Glazers’ ownership in the past, as they were before, during, and after the team’s two Premier League games so far this season – both losses against Brighton and Brentford. A further protest is planned for when Manchester United play rivals Liverpool this weekend.

Others, meanwhile, were in a jovial mood.

However, those who hoped that change was just around the corner would’ve felt down not long after, when Musk confirmed that his statement was to be taken in a non-serious manner – and he wasn’t buying Manchester United at the moment.

Alas, Musk was not the savior the Manchester United fans were pining for. Maybe Jeff Bezos will make an offer soon?

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